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The Olden Days: Day 23

The Olden Days: Day 23

Hopefully you can’t tell, but I dropped a burger on the skirt of this dress earlier. On a silk dress.. Dammit. Anyway, I bought this from Scanlon and Theodore in about.. 2001 for around $450 which was basically two thirds of my monthly income at the time. Which I’ve now ruined, haha.

Around that same year (Or maybe the one before, who the hell knows) I was so poor, my roomate and I would just eat sandwiches and wine. The wine would just show up, our suitors would bring it over to ply us with. One day we had enough money to buy chinese food, but having tiny stomachs, we couldn’t eat too much of it, so we basically had leftovers for days.

What we didn’t realise at the time, is that rice gets rancid really quickly. Like, in two days or less, but if it’s fried rice, you can’t tell by the smell. We were getting horrendously sick and didn’t know why. We continued to eat the rice, thinking it our saviour. We took turns, throwing up, nursing ourselves back to health, and then eating the rice.

So.. I guess today’s moral is, don’t eat two day, three day, and up to six day rice.


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