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Mosquito Hell And Meditation: Day 22

Mosquito Hell And Meditation: Day 22

I forgot I had this dress, and I totally forgot that it’s completely see-through. I am wearing it over a black singlet dress here, but in my youth, I’d wear this on it’s own. Uh huh. It’s by NZ designer, Roisin Dubh.

So, I just saw on various news sites that our new Mosquito Overlords are on their way, for a complete take-down of WA. Being allergic to them, I instantly looked into moving to Iceland, the only country rumoured to not have mozzies, until one of my bosses at work mentioned that it was insanely expensive there. I also don’t speak Icelandic. Which is the only requirement of immigration for an EU passport holder. Damnation!

So guys, it’s getting close, so if you are going to donate, do it soon PUH LEEZE.


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