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Hi all, this is where you can get all the info about me regarding my acting career.

Bio: Bec started acting at primary school, with a performance as the Wicked Witch in Snow white, that made her parents proud. Instantly typecast as the bad guy, Bec has played various ‘mysterious bad girl’ roles in short films ever since. She loved theatre and media in high school and on graduating, studied film, television and broadcasting.

Bec has starred or supported roles in over 30 short films, commercials and plays over the last few years, some of the more notable roles coming up include police officer Cath in sci-fi film ‘Duplicate’, and loveable criminal Sam in ‘A Girl’s Best Friend‘ which she also wrote and produced. You can see Bec in action every week on Popcorn TV, local show about the arts in Perth.

Download PDF CV here

Agent: Nerida Moore RGM ph. (+61 8) 9328 5788