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Day Three: Being in an imaginary band

Day Three: Being in an imaginary band

The third day: This dress is another Cooper Street, this time a wrap dress, rumoured to look good on anyone, according to Diane Von Fürstenburg.

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So, the Dread Pirate Roberts was arrested yesterday in Canada, of all places. This brings to an end the cheap pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs from the Silk Road website. It’s not my kind of thing, but it made me sad that his ideal for a ‘forceless society’ has come to an end. Of course, the guy got himself caught by using his real gmail account which led people to his Linkedin and Google Plus profiles, the idiot. He also bragged about using Bitcoins to hire a hitman, although no-one matching the description of the hit-ee has ever been found or reported, nor has anyone personally cashed in that amount of Bitcoin. Was he just trollin?

I wonder when the movie will come out. I bet it will star Ashton Kutcher.


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