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A Frocking Weekend

A Frocking Weekend

Well, on Friday I had lunch with my mother, and a good friend Sandy and her daughter Chelsey, who took that Friday photo. I’m wearing a Stella McCartney for Target dress, gifted to me from another friend, Bayoush from Venn. Sandy actually told me a story about a friend who went away for work, and had to give his beloved dog away as he couldn’t take her where he was going. He got back and found out that she’d gone missing, and the new owner didn’t try too hard to find her. After a long search, she was found just ONE DAY away from euthanasia. She was lucky, but lots of poor dogs don’t find their way home. Donate link!!

On Saturday, was my friend Michelle’s (pictured with me) hen party. We started the afternoon learning lap dancing and pole dancing. As I write this, my entire body is killing me, and I have vague memories of giving a lapdance to a tall woman, also named Bec. We ended up at El Publico, and ate a ton of awesome mexican themed fancy street food. I particularly loved the cabbage salad and the tiny eat-whole street prawns. I must have eaten like 20 prawn heads. A new personal best.

Sunday was a lazy day, and I only put that dress on to walk to KFC for hangover food. All hail KFC.

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