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The thing about wearing a dress every day, is that you immediately don’t want to do normal things like go to work and be responsible. Even though I hover along that thought most days anyway, the mere act of putting a dress on makes my brain think I’m on holiday. It’s good at first, you start the day all bright and breezy. But then you slowly realise that today is no different, nothing has changed at all. Worse if it’s a Monday, which it is!

I walked to work this morning, which was nice. A good temperature for a 20 min walk. I’m glad I got some exercise because my email inbox greeted me with the most terrible photos of myself I’ve ever seen. If you think that ‘posed’ pole dancing photo from Saturday was a bit iffy, holy crap. These ones, I look like a seal mermaid that can’t quite get up, and needs a pole for help. I kept looking at them and making a honking noise in my head. OK, here is one, because I know I can’t talk about it and then not come up with the goods. It’s the dress. I swear. I weigh 54 kilos, so this picture makes no sense.

oh dear god kill it

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