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Shit Kringle and Edison

Shit Kringle and Edison

I can’t believe it’s almost Xmas – and can you believe I didn’t really write in this blog all November? Oh wait, you can? Fine, know-it-all.

I’m excited for a party my friends Sarah and Chris are throwing pre-Xmas, as there is to be a ‘shit kringle’ exchange of gifts. The idea is that you bring something so utterly repugnant and useless, that it inspires years of revenge-fuelled thoughts from the recipient. I believe I’ve found that item. I won’t share it here, just in case anyone actually reads this blog, but I’ll certainly post a pic the day after. I think the giving is anonymous so I prob won’t get an evil eye reaction or anything. Ah the spirit of giving.

I also finally received my namesake element from the set of ‘Edison; Adventures in Power‘. This is a short animated film I micro invested in ages ago, and I can’t wait to see it in like 9 years when they finish shooting all those frames of claymation. Just kidding, apparently they are halfway through the shooting, and then editing and finishing takes a few months, so hopefully before 2014 is out! It’s a comedy about what a tool Edison was, as we all know he was a borrower of ideas rather than an inventor. I guess you gotta hand it to his marketing skills though.

I bought something Xmassy for the house the other day. You may, or may not know that I love white non glazed ceramic animal ornaments, I have three small ones perching on the picture rail in my house, but this week I got a huge deer head for the mantle… it doesn’t fit very well, but you know, it’s cool. I’m looking for Xmas earrings for it. He has a little tree to keep him company. So far he is nameless, the other tiny deer on the picture rail is named Optimus Prime, so he needs something a little more festive..

Deer Buddy

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