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Monkey Business in Malaysia

Monkey Business in Malaysia

Well, I just got back from my friend’s wedding in Malaysia. I went with my sister and two friends, and we had a great time, although a little hectic at times!

We started off nice and relaxed, went to Dining in the Dark, which was great. Heaps of good food eaten in pitch darkness. It was on Halloween too, which was a fitting coincidence. After that we went downstairs to the Whisky Bar, and waited for the groom, Arvin to arrive for drinks. 3 hours and several drinks later, he waltzed in.

Arvin: “Hey, how long have you guys been here?”

The night went downhill/uphill from there, as we ordered full bottles of vodka and scotch at a nearby nightclub.

Two days later, and armed with our Sarees we arrived at Arvin and Gurmin’s wedding to see that no one else was dressed in Indian attire except for the family. To the untrained eye, it would have looked like we were being completely insensitive to their culture, but Arvin and Gurmin asked us to wear them, honest!


Kali: “I need Party Bec and I need her now!” She said, filling my glass with scotch

All wedding’d out, Rach and I escaped to the Petaling flea markets the next day for some haggling. Having not seen much of the downtown area, she was more than a little grossed out by the heat, dirt, and the overwhelming smell of durian fruit.

Rachael: “It smells like some old guy drank too many redbulls and then got diarrhoea.”


Our final day was filled with wildlife. Elephants, monkeys and fireflies. And mosquitos. So many mosquitos. Shudder. Rachael was jumped all over by monkeys, and I was peed on by one. Lovely. Don’t worry though, you couldn’t tell because the heat was so intense that I was sweating anyway, it was kind of a cool change.



Brad: “Did you buy a t-shirt that said ‘I was tea-bagged by a monkey and all I got was this stupid t-shirt’?” To Rachael, after seeing the photos.

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