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Frocktober Day Nine: I Missed Octopus Day

Frocktober Day Nine: I Missed Octopus Day

Well, apparently yesterday was International Octopus day, and there I was publishing a picture of a stonefish. For shame. I did eat octopus yesterday though, so it’s like I knew somehow, and instead of throwing a party, I ate the guest of honour.

Today’s dress is from Saba, it’s one of my favourites. Here is the donation link as usual– it’s really easy, just click the link, and then click the ‘give now’ button on that page.

I’ve included some important information below about our octopus friends, just so that you all remember to honour them somehow next year. Continuing on our disturbing undersea adventures, I see the shark kill order has been cancelled, whew! Go Sharkies!


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