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Day 10: For Shame Brisbane Council

Day 10: For Shame Brisbane Council

Ah, Day ten. A nice round number. Today’s dress is Charlie Brown, and has cute little skulls all over it. It’s super comfy.

I have nothing to say today really. Been working all day and went to bed early last night so I haven’t actually thought much since home time yesterday. What a grim assessment. I’ll definitely read a book or something tonight.

Oh, one thing I did do was make some recipe cards for a friend, it’s her wedding on Saturday and as I’ve got a kitchenware themed gift for her, I thought I’d make some recipe cards to include. I’ll publish them here on Sunday.

As usual, please donate if you haven’t already.

While you’re at it, I came across this disturbing story. The Brisbane City council owns two pounds, which has in the past continually found the easy way out, and killed healthy dogs and cats that get found or dropped off. In Oct 2011, Lost Dogs Home took over, and promised that the kill rate would go down, and that they would actually do their job and try to re-home healthy animals. What seems to have happened, is that the kill rate has gone UP, despite rescue groups offering to help find them homes FOR FREE. They refused, and the killing spree continues unabated.

You can read about it here, and sign the petition while you’re at it.


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