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Lock Up Your Cats: Day 17

Lock Up Your Cats: Day 17

The last time I wore this dress, I went dancing at a club where I was most likely the oldest person there, and I fell flat on my face. Thanks Karen Walker, and thanks for the 21 year old wannabe rappers who bought my friend and I drinks that night.

So with the new cat laws in Perth, I downloaded the registration papers for Cthulhu, and noticed that I needed certificates proving she/he was desexed and was chipped. I guess any vet can give me something for that, seeing as it’s pretty obvious he’s had his puff-balls removed. But with the chip, I actually need the original owner’s signature to transfer his ownership. Can’t really fake it either because if he’s chipped already, they’ll just call up the registered number and ask. Hopefully it’s easy enough and his old owners have changed numbers or whatever or will just sign it but seriously, what a hassle!

Anyone who intends to obey this new law and has had a cat passed from owner to owner and can’t easily get to them or contact them will have this problem, so there must be a provision for that.

I didn’t steal Cthulhu, he chose us to care for him after he was turfed out, skinny and hungry and injured. In other news, it would have been Zincee’s 4th birthday today.

Please donate so that cats who aren’t as lucky as Cthulhu can find their new homes.

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