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Floor Food: Don’t Judge Me

Floor Food: Don’t Judge Me

This morning I awoke freezing because, f*&% this weather. Anyway, I thought I’d make my lunch and breakfast and snacks for the day instead of refusing to get up until the last minute, and then spending $80 on food for the day (slight exaggeration).

To my horror, as I was frying some burgers at 7am, I accidentally flipped one out of the pan. Thinking that no one had seen me, and therefore the food was still good, I plucked it from the ground and flicked off all the cat hair and remnants of food accidents past. I then instantly dropped it again. It exploded on the floor, and Cthulhu appeared in a puff of smoke and started gnawing on it. That cat can hear meat. Other cats that can hear meat include the poor abandoned babies of SAFE

Slightly miffed at my stolen meat pattie, I looked in the fridge at all the expired food and wondered which of it to eat. I made an omelette with slightly green cheese and semi-dried zucchini (A delicacy that is unique only to my vegetable crisper). It was still good, I tells ya.

Today’s dress is from Banjo & Matilda. Damn they are expensive, but good quality. I got this one as a gift, but it definitely sparked a bloodlust for high quality cotton and cashmere. Damn them.

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