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Spanak means Spinach, and Pita means Pie

Spanak means Spinach, and Pita means Pie

Firstly, I’d like to say f&^$ filo pastry. At least, the one I bought. No, I will not, probably ever make my own filo (phyllo…I don’t know) pastry as it’s a paper thin demon. I have actually used it before as well, so don’t go giving me any tips. I bought this packet, and allowed it to defrost as directed, but when I unwrapped it, it was all already snapped into ribbons, and maybe three sheets were still in sheet form. I had no-one to stab or blame for this, and I wasn’t about to return opened defrosted pastry, so I just got on with it, swearing.

I arranged the pastry in a circle in the pan, tearing off too much overlap and olive oiling each layer as I went. A lot of pastry flakes fell on the floor. Mental note: Cats do not like pastry, but they do enjoy licking it.


jerk-faced pastry


Mmm cheese and spinach









The filling was much more satisfying to prepare. This recipe is a smallish pie for two, we ate it for dinner with greek salad.


300gm spinach (baby)
1 heaped Tblspn ricotta
70gm fetta (about a third of a ‘thing’ of lemnos fetta)
Teaspoon of dill
Filo pastry, about 10 sheets, or as in my experience, a thousand shards
Olive oil and brush, or pump spray to liberally drown the pastry in

Start by layering about 5 sheets of pastry in a pie pan or brownie tin. Make sure you oil the pastry each layer, going right to the edges. Make sure there is at least 5cm overhang.

spinach and cheese mix

Chop the spinach roughly, until it’s reduced in volume. I used the Tupperware spin chop thing. It’s awesome. Finely dice the fetta and mix into the spinach, fold in the ricotta. I only used a big tablespoonful because I was worried the pastry would get all sloppy. Mix in dill and some salt and pepper.

Layer the other 5 sheets of filo on top, again, coating the shit out of it with olive oil. Next time I’ll use a bit of butter as well. Once that’s over with, fold the edges in by curling those inwards. The oil will glue it together in to a little crust. Punch a little hole in the middle, and score the top slightly to mark pieces to cut.

Bake for 40 mins on 200 degrees on the lowest level in the oven. You know your oven, so adjust and keep checking, you don’t want it to burn.

Eat with salad and natural yogurt on top.












p.s The finished product in the featured image is two slices stacked, so if you want a more hefty pie, use way more spinach and cheese, and a deeper pan. Figure it out.

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