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Canada: I Really Wanted To Write Canadia

Canada: I Really Wanted To Write Canadia

I know, it looks like I just phoned this one in. Could I have been any lazier? Perhaps; I did consider going to Jester’s for the chips, but I didn’t. I valiantly defrosted them in my own oven for your viewing pleasure.

I had all three of the ingredients for Poutine in the fridge. Left over gravy; Check. Chips; Check. Cheese curds; Wha? OK well, apparently the type of cheese you need for the so called ‘traditional’ version of Poutine isn’t available here, but a nice person on the internet told me to use fresh Mozzarella and it would do.

Of course, I accidentally froze the Mozzarella, and I wasn’t about to go for a walk, so I used Brie. Which, I think works.. I mean, there are French provinces in Canada, so.. yeah.

brie cheese for poutine

nothing to see here


A thing of chips (I used those thick steak fries)
Bits of cheese (Brie, torn into little bits. Or if you have fresh Mozzarella, about three little balls per serve, torn up)
Gravy – You can buy this pre made, or you can make some with your pan scrapings from dinner.

Gravy: Fry some meat for some other purpose, fry it good. Pour 2 cups of beef stock in the pan when the meat is eaten and gone, and stir, scraping up the sides and getting all the burnt meaty bits in there to  dissolve in the stock. Now slowly add about a teaspoon of cornflour into the mix, using a whisk to smooth it out. Reduce til thick. Gravy.

Now, I hope this is straight forward enough – Cook the chips in the oven til they are crispy. If you are making your own chips, then make sure you pre cook them in a deep fryer til pale yellow, then allow to cook down before re-frying them til golden. mmm crispy.

Sprinkle the cheese over the chips in a bowl, and then pour warm gravy over the top.

needs more cheese

needs more cheese

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