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An Orchid That I Can’t Kill

An Orchid That I Can’t Kill

So, everyone (Ok, a few people/websites) is going nuts over Pantone’s colour of the year, Radiant Orchid. You know those luminous purple orchids that you see in flower shops? That’s the one. My mother in law had some lovely ones in her garden a few months ago.

wild orchid revlonIt just so happened that I have that colour in a lipstick from Revlon; it’s called Wild Orchid and it’s awesome. Last year (And the year before, I think) my colour was Coral – another bright summery colour (Favourite was Clinique’s Runway Coral, for obvious reasons) but I’m starting to like the jewel-like purple colour. Revlon’s formula is really creamy and the colour is very opaque, you don’t need layers and layers of it. This does mean you have to be careful with the application though, these aren’t 1 min lips, more like 5 min lips (or 15 if you are bad at it). I had a look at reviews on Amazon, which were all nice, but one funny thing that made me laugh was one of the selling points. “America’s #1 lipstick, so why not try all 72 gorgeous shades?” Um, sure.

I do have one problem with wearing bright lip colours. I pick at my lips. When I’m at work, I constantly touch my lips and apply lip balm and then scrape it all off and start again. It’s something to do with fidgeting while at the computer, and it helps me think. Or it’s just disgusting. I don’t care. So in an effort to not look like the joker after a few hours replying to emails, I’m going to need to exercise some self control.

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