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My October Challenge

My October Challenge

So, this October, I’m doing something semi difficult. OK well, it’s not but it involves planning what to wear daily, which can be frustrating. No, I’m not going sober – I’m wearing a dress every day in October, and I’m looking for support in the form of money for SAFE Perth. SAFE makes sure cats and dogs who are unwanted are found a new forever home instead of being put to sleep. Go them!


  1. George McGeorgie George · October 1, 2013 Reply

    I’ve noticed that you’re a cat. Do you find it had to type and what do our owners think of you raising money to home your own kind? Do you think there is some of ‘treat’ in it for you?

    – Georgie George.

  2. Becmania · October 1, 2013 Reply

    Of COURSE there is a treat in it for meow. I mean me. Meow. Also, my owners can mind their own business, as I am a cat of the world.

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